Enter The Tekla Student BIM Awards 2024

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Fill in the contact information of the person who is submitting the project entry.


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Name of the Educational Institution

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Name of the project

Project description

Write a brief description about the project. Explain what it is and how your structure would be used. Explain why you chose this project. What makes this project special? Will it have any environmental or infrastructure impacts?

Collect and send project entry material and files

The most important part in your project entry is the material package including the Tekla Structures project/model folder. High quality model images, photos and drawings are essential too. Use cloud or file sharing service you feel comfortable with and provide us a link where we can collect your entry data.

IMPORTANT: the Student entry package should include the following:

  • Native Tekla .DB1 files and profile database in Tekla model folder
  • At least 3 high resolution screenshots of the full model and model details. Over 1000 pixels width/height in .PNG format preferred. 
    Tip: use Tekla Structures built-in screenshot tool and snap to the most relevant details in the project.
  • Sample drawings of the projects (2-3 PDF files): at least 1 general layout drawing and 1 detailed shop drawing.
  • Non mandatory: High resolution videos, photos or artistic visualizations of the project (in any file format). 

    Remember that good images can have a strong impact in your success in the competition!

    Note, IF you have done any system modifications please submit also:

    • Profile database (profdb.BIN)
    • Material database (matdb.BIN)
    • Bolt database (screwdb.DB)
    • Bolt assembly database (assdb.DB)
    • Rebar database (rebar_database.INP)
    • Parametric profiles (profitab.INP)
    • Drawing Templates (*.tpl)

    Please provide a url address or website link to the project material, hosted on e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

    ..and finally: What inspires you to participate in the Tekla Student BIM Awards competition?

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