Are you a former participant in the EYE programme?

Did you complete your exchange between 01 January 2023 and 31 December 2023?

Do you have an innovative business idea with the potential to impact the society? Then take part in the EYE Innovator Award 2024. The Innovator Award is there to recognize outstanding stories and innovations stemming from the EYE programme!

What We Seek:

Innovation in its broadest sense — ranging from the exploration of new practices, tools, and methods to the successful creation and implementation of new products, services, or processes. We're looking for entrepreneurs whose EYE experiences have led to tangible technical or process innovations across various fields.

Award Criteria:

In your application tell us how unique and effective your EYE exchange was. Show us the impact and the lasting benefits of the EYE programme for your business. We will also be checking some basic elements such as your communication style, video and audio quality. However, innovation and impact will have an exclusive place in your application. Have you successfully created and introduced an innovative product, service, or process in the EU market? Or maybe your business has a tangible and concrete societal or green impact resulting from the product, service, or a process? Show us what you have best.

Submission Guidelines:

Create a video (maximum 40 seconds) highlighting the innovative impact of your EYE experience. Focus on showcasing what you have achieved and include a brief description of your exchange and business concept. The video may be used for promotional purposes on the EYE YouTube and social media platforms, so please make sure it has a good sound and audio quality. Get inspired, check out our last year finalists’ video!

Submission Deadline: March 10 2024, 23:59 CET.

What’s in it for me?

- Shortlisted finalists (2 new entrepreneurs  and 2 host entrepreneurs ) will be invited to Kaunas, Lithuania for the final pitch on 10 April 2024.

- Winners selected by the EYE Intermediary Organisations will receive a trip to the SME Assembly 2024 – the biggest event in Europe for small and medium-sized enterprises. The event provides vast networking opportunities, features high-level speakers and holds numerous workshops.

- Finalists' stories will be featured on the EYE website and social media platforms.

Submit your application now.

For inquiries regarding submissions, please contact the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Support Office support@erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu

Join us in celebrating innovation sparked thanks to the  EYE exchanges. Share your story, showcase your impact, and be part of the EYE Innovator Award 2024!