Kuopio Christmas Market
.-21.12.2023 - Stallholder application

Vendible products

What kind of products/items would you like to sell at the Kuopio Christmas Market?
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Something else, what?

What kind of products/items would you sell in Kuopio Christmas Market? Please include a list of all items you intend to sell. Describe the products as precisely as possible. Any items not listed here, will not be allowed for sale on your stall.

Here you can upload pictures of the products/items
The pictures are used in the event website and social media (of confirmed applications)

About your stall: 
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Stall introduction will be published at the events website and social media (of confirmed applications)

Where can we find more information of your company?
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Stalls and additional services

There are following stalls to choose from at the event area:

-Christmas cabin (2m x 2,5m)

-Glass container shop, whole (6m x 3m)

-Glass container shop, half (3m x 3m)

In the christmas cabin and glass container the price includes the rent of the sale equipment, name sign/sticker, heating device and regular light. The christmas cabins has removable wall shelves for the products. Glass containers needs to be decorated by the vendor.

Choose the stall that you are interested in:

Prices includes 14 event days between 8th and 21st of December. Event organizer determines the final position of the stall.

Special price stands only for advance bookings made by 20.8.2023 and are approved by event organizer. Special prices are only for the Kuopion Kansainväliset Suurmarkkinat -vendors. Normal prices are for bookings made after 20.8.2023, and for other applicants than Kuopion Kansainväliset Suurmarkkinat vendors. Valid value-added tax is added to all prices.

If you chose more than one option, what is your primary option?

Other expectations/wishes concerning the stall?
Please mention if you are interested in double cabin, partially open cabin, or other changes in the structure of the cabin.

Eletricity and parking:

We will supply you with basic electricity, that includes i.e. the usage of computer, payment terminal and christmas lights. Note: Additional power for cafe and restaurant operators is necessary. If you need any additional electricity, make sure to choose it from below. 

Vendors can use street parking or parking hall (toriparkki / Kuopion Pysäköinti) or other parking area, paid by vendor. 
There is also parking area near harbour market (Satamatori), where parking for event vendors is free of charge. Please reserve the parking for Satamatori below in advance.

Basic information

Name of contact person:

Name of company/organization:

Stall name:
(This will be the name printed on your stall if your application is successfully accepted.)

Contact info:
(Please include email, phone number and full postal address of company)

Business ID:

Thank you! You can now send the application!

Stallholders and vendible products for the Christmas Market are selected via applying procedure so that versatile product selection and attractive, quality entirety are ensured. 

Stallholder applications are processed regularly and all applicants will be informed about their application procedure. Event organizer will send reservation confirmation to the applicants that are being selected to the event.

Confirmed stalls can be cancelled without charge until 31.8.2023 by notifying the event organizer in writing.

By sendind the application, you will agree to the general reservation terms of the event, and commit to follow the joined opening hours and general event instructions given by the event organizer. 

Please read the reservation terms here: www.kuopionjoulu.fi