Dear social and health care student

You have now almost completed your clinical practice period at Kuopio University Hospital. The aim of this survey is to collect feedback on the quality of student supervision. Your feedback is important. It will be used to further develop student supervision. The overall aim is to offer good quality supervision for all of our students.

The questionnaire contains background variables that collect information about students, studies and the practice unit. In addition to these, experiences related to the work unit, supervision, student- patient relationship and the collage/university of applied sciences teacher are explored. The questionnaire takes about 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Take the survey after the final evaluation of your practice period.

This quality questionnaire of student supervision is used in many social and health care orgazations in Finland. It is based on CLES scale (Copyright 2002 Saarikoski), CLES+T-scale, Student-Patient Relationship-scale and Learning in practice -scale. 

The results of this survey are reported annually to the work units, if there have been at least three respondents and at the level of the entire hospital district. The results are compared annually nationwide between hospitals. In addition, the collected data can be used in research and publications.The survey is confidential and your identity will not be revealed. 

Privacy policy

Filing system of personal data (school, workplace, age group, examination) is formed when you fill out this questionnaire. Controller of this data is Hospital District of Northern Savo. The purpose of the processing of personal data, legal basis for the processing of personal data, period for storing and other information is given in the privacy policy.

The duration for storing personal data is 2 years in Surveypal - questionnaire application software and 10 years as sheet (excel) for analysis and research.  

Kuopio University Hospital privacy policy

Surveypal privacy policy

I agree to fill out this questionnaire and accept that personal data formed in the questionnaire can be used as informed in privacy policy