Reclaiming Boundaries

17. March 2021

Dialogue on harassment and inappropriate behaviour
in the Finnish arts & culture field

Welcome to an online event via Zoom on Wednesday 17 March, 14.30-16.00. The event is organised by the Trade Union for Art and Culture Professionals TAKU and Globe Art Point. 

The online dialogue will provide information on:

- how to identify harassment and inappropriate behaviour in work relations

- what to do if one experiences or witnesses it in their work environment

- who to turn to for support

Through conversations with guest experts, ‘Reclaiming Boundaries’ will serve as a platform for thought exchanges about the challenges of addressing misconducts and the precariousness of the arts and cultural sector in this context. 

The event aims to facilitate discourse between participants, but it cannot provide personal advising on legal matters or mental health. However, to support individual guidance, all participants will be sent a PDF leaflet with relevant information and contact details after the event.

The language of the event is English. 

The dialogue will not be recorded or streamed on any online platform during or after the event.

For more information or inquiries:

Vilja Byström, TAKU | | +358 40 561 8967

Jaana Simula, G.A.P I I +358 40 545 5859 

Please note that the maximum number of participants is 95. This registration form is open until noon 16 March, 2021.


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Virtual Safer Space Guideline:

1. Don’t make assumptions about other people’s background, gender or experiences. Avoid making uninformed statements, or talking on behalf of others. If in doubt, dare to ask (or refer to people with more inclusive pronouns, as they/them).

2. Treat everyone equally, regardless of a person’s gender identity, age, appearance, language, cultural background, ethnic or national origin, religion or other beliefs, state of health, functional ability, sexual orientation. 

3. Discriminative language or behaviour, as well as any kind of harassment (sexual or otherwise) are strictly forbidden. Improper behavior will be addressed and may result in revoked participation.

4. Behave with everyone's comfort in mind, and remain conscious of the space you take up when expressing yourself (e.g. when submitting questions or comments).

5. Refrain from identifying individuals or collectives when sharing personal remarks related to the topic of the event. Private information or uninvestigated claims may have irreversible consequences for others at or outside the event.

6. Avoid sharing explicit details of your experiences, as they may be triggering to others. If in doubt, begin with a trigger warning.

7. Keep in mind that making mistakes is human, and therefore unavoidable. Let’s aim to guide each other, discuss and be open to new perspectives.

8. If you face any issues or experience violation to this guideline, please contact the organisers at, or after the event. 

Contributing to a Virtual Safer Space:

Questions/comments for the event

If you have any questions or comments you would like to submit for discussion, please type them below. Identities are handled with discretion, therefore all questions and comments will be presented anonymously. 

Privacy Notice

Your information will only be used for the arrangement purposes of this event. No personal data will be stored after the event. Read the full Privacy Notice here