Equality in the Music Industry Survey

We are seeking to better understand the extent and forms in which inappropriate and exclusionary practices are taking place in the Finnish music industry. We would also like to hear your views on what organizations in our industry could do to better promote equality. The purpose of this survey is to define further actions to make the Finnish music industry a more inclusive and safe environment for all. All answers will be analyzed completely anonymously.

This survey is provided as a subscription service to Finnish music industry organizations under a service agreement concluded with Inklusiiv. The music industry organizations who have commissioned the survey (listed below) will be the data controllers for all data collected through the survey, and are responsible for the lawfulness of collecting and processing such data. Data related to this survey will be stored by these organizations for one year. 

The survey and analysis is conducted by third party Inklusiiv. Once the analysis is completed, Inklusiiv will hand over the data to the below listed parties and delete the data from their own databases.  

The survey has been commissioned by the following organizations: Finnish Musicians’ Union, Finnish Music Creators, Music Finland, IFPI Finland, The Collective Management Organisation for Recorded Music in Finland, Jazz Finland, The Finnish Music Publishers Association, Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras, The Society of Finnish Composers, Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto.

If you have any questions about the reasons for conducting the survey, you can contact: helmi@helmisaksala.com. If you have any technical questions about filling in the survey, you can contact: iida@inklusiiv.com.

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