LA Nordic -
Nordic Music Explorers

Deadline for application 1st of August 2018. 




Bio (with a focus on your work as a songwriter/producer)

What would you gain from being part of the Nordic Music Explorers program in Los Angeles?

What would be the focus of the new songs you would write that week? (For instance, is it for your own record? To pitch other artists? Sync? Or Other?)

Genres: (Which style of writing do you practise?)

What is your main role in co-writing? Producer, toplining or other?

Which collaboration do you work in? A band, a writing team, solo, or other?

Your experience with co-writing? Please mention writing camps or names of people you have co-written with? 

Are you connected to a Music Publisher? A Management? A Record Company? Or other?

Please link 3 three songs that you have written or been part of writing (use for instance SoundCloud, YouTube)

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Title 1.

Title 2. 

Title 3.